Wicklow is the answer

Wicklow defined: Wicklow is an agricultural platform company established to leverage opportunities presented by virtue of Africa’s current state of agricultural development

Wicklow’s vision: To be Africa’s number one Food and Food Derivatives Company

Wicklow’s mission statement: To create a large scale, sustainable Agribusiness utilising appropriate modern technology..

Welcome to the Wicklow Group

Wicklow Clientele

  • Government Agencies
  • Blue Angel Financiers
  • Venture Fund Providers
  • Investment Banks
  • News Agencies
  • Media Houses
  • Investment Fund Managers
  • Sovereign National Funds
  • Charities and Government Backed Non Profit Organisations (Eg: USAID etc…)

Agriculture in Nigeria

Wicklow is committed to driving the growth of agriculture in Africa; producing more food for every unit of land and unit of investment...

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Agribusiness Management

The Annual Plan and rolling five year Business Plan are prepared not less than 3 months prior to the commencement of the Financial Year...

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Operating Entities

NIGERIAN STARCH MILLS (NSM) sells to a number of top-ranked manufacturers of food, pharmaceutical, and other products...

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Mitigation Strategies

As demand is expected to remain strong due to growth in the food and pharmaceutical industries...

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