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Here are some operating entities.
  • NSM sells to a number of top-ranked manufacturers of food, pharmaceutical, and other products. Unilever and Nestle use NSM starch in their Knorr and Maggi flavouring cubes. Osigwe (Uno brand) and May & Baker use NSM starch in their noodles. Fan milk Nigeria uses NSM starch in its yogurt. Customers consistently give NSM high ratings for quality and on-time delivery.
  • Quarra Rice is establishing business activities in both farming and processing, in support of its 25,000 tons/annum rice plant to be established in Tsaragi, Kwara State.
  • Quarra Rice has enlisted world-class technical partners to enable the company to operate its production facilities, and rapidly and affordably expand the area of productive farmland to produce sufficient rice to supply its mill, resulting in greater operating margins. In order to supplement this, Quarra Rice has developed outgrower relationships with a number of commercial farmers in Shonga, Kwara State.

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